How To Ask This?

Calling all Trump supporters!!! You need to tell me things; you need to encourage me and most importantly, you need to be honest right now. How many of you were interested enough to actually read the published Hillary e-mails? How many of you were SURE that all the “good” ones were deleted, or edited? You are the people I am most interested in hearing from, but please don’t take that to mean that you are the only ones I want to hear from. I want to hear from EVERY Trump supporter. Actually, I want to hear from every interested voter right now.

If you didn’t vote, you are welcome to reconsider your reasons and respond to this plea anyway.

I am guilty of having a history of being a “liberal” supporter. Despite this, I was not a huge “Hillary” fan. She seemed okay to me. A little too above the fray, a little too connected maybe, but not exactly evil. A year ago, she seemed persecuted to me. The e-mails that I made myself read did not seem “damning.” But maybe they were doctored? Work and personal use on the same server would make anyone ask where to draw the line? Where did Hillary draw that line? What was eliminated in her communications?

Well, anyway, she lost the election. But maybe we should still look at that whole e-mail thing. Okay. Let’s run with that to ensure she gets her comeuppance. At first, as things became open to the public, how many of us read and compared the difference between what US Intelligence shared regarding Hillary’s e-mail the first time, and, what they shared of the second round in the final week of October? I know that I didn’t compare them, I was bored to tears by then.

Here is what else I know: One US Intelligence team with a joint Senate Committee, took down Richard Nixon, and another took down Bill Clinton; this seems pretty non-partisan to me. I’ve been wrong before, so help me out here. Go ahead, get the Clintons whether it serves the nation now or not, but, in the interest of what is fair, can we look at the people who are supposedly serving the nation now, and find out who they are really serving? Sorry Clinton’s, who knows how good you are? I’m hardly a good judge of society, which is why I haven’t applied for the position of judge heretofore. But anyway, what about this country we all love?

Here is what else I know: Men in black suits can magically un-erase any item we put in the “trash.” They can un-erase entire folders that we have edited and “replaced”  and they can find the original. Thank you IT people. Together, IT and men in black suits can do this on ANY computer with ANY server.

Here is what else I know: Volunteering to share a limited chain of e-mails may look like honesty . . . or transparency, but we ALL should know better, and if we’re being honest, at least in this case, we do know better. As in, “Here are my e-mails, this was the meeting, this is what we discussed, these are the people who attended . . .” except the e-mail chain didn’t tell us each and  every one of the people were who were there, and without a recording, we don’t know what was discussed. We have the word of a man who has now mislead publicly about this meeting 4 times, who is telling us honestly what was said. Even if you support him and his father, are you sure about what he says was discussed? Would you believe him if his name was Chelsea and his father was Bill? Will you really ask EVERYONE to accept this? Let’s make sure the men in black suits get to check this out, and, if you want to spend the tax dollars, let’s give them limitless rights to the Clintons, and, let’s make sure they’re as thorough with both the Clintons and the Trumps.

Will this be equality? Can we demand better candidates for the next round?



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