A “Pre-Disposed Opinion” is NOT Necessary

Donald Trump is not a politician. This what he ran on. There is no more reason for us to judge him as one than there is for him to refer to himself as one. It is not in his history; it is not in his education; it is not what he is.


What he IS, is President of The United States of America. Historically, Presidents have been politicians. As a nation, we’ll need to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The boundary has been crossed for better or worse. Here we find ourselves in the unique position of determining what to look for in a candidate. Moving forward, we can start a new score sheet on how this kind of president performs. But that is in the future. Another thing that Mr. Trump Is; –Well, he’s a pretty darn good salesman. Acknowledging that, it should be understood that he had an outstanding Promotional team behind him too. Don’t tell me this didn’t help. He can pick Promotional people. 

However, another thing Mr. Trump is, by all financial accounts he’s a lousy businessman. Really, look at his record. He truly would have failed before he started if he hadn’t had millions of dollars to begin with, and some sordid family connections, out of the gate. Numerous ventures of his failed despite this, and numerous of his ventures are tied up in legal suits to this day (they’ll all be on hold now that he’s president, as you can’t sue a sitting president, yet another reason he doesn’t want to be impeached just yet) and this offers up another reason he wants and is already campaigning for a second term. 

I, and tens of millions of others, insist on willingness to judge Mr. Trump on his “Presidency” without judging his “Politician Status.” Dicey. It is easy to understand why the line gets blurred, because if you RUN for president, there is a certain expectation that you understand basic politics. I personally have no such expectation of this president. I have good reason to believe I’m not alone. He isn’t a politician. Missteps are par for the course here, and are predictably taken by this president almost daily with no surprise.

What surprises me regularly (so regularly that I continuously think I really shouldn’t be as surprised as I am, but it keeps happening anyway), is Mr. Trump’s REACTION to getting called out on any errors, failings, or possible lies. You don’t have to be a career politician to KNOW that you are going to be scrutinized. As a private citizen, Mr. Trump scrutinized any politician he wanted to, made headlines with his criticisms, erroneous or not, and proudly acknowledged that it was his RIGHT to do so. Google Trump and Birth Certificate if you are possibly too young to remember. 

So, the rest of the peons now need to shut up and let Trump be. Not so fast, I say, to the all of you so-sayers.

Critics of Mr. Trump are multitudinous. But he really needs to accept that HE was the teacher. Trump needs to accept that he is not only more powerful now, he is also more visible, more of a target, and more answerable to his self-generated  greater audience. The critics did not congregate to collude and just pick the name Donald J. Trump on a “whim” to pummel him. The Donald put himself up for scrutiny by running for the ‘used to be’ highest office on the planet, and immediately lowered the prestige of that same office by attaining it. Is it possible to raise that office again? Rock-On dude. You used two Bibles to make a vow to preserve it. If only we could all ask him to act accordingly.

But why would we ask for water from a rock? Here is Trump’s staggering legacy to his own brand before he entered his current office.

Donald Trump has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits, many of which he lost, many of which he settled out of court, and many of which are still open; see https://www.usatoday.com/pages/interactives/trump-lawsuits/

Oh, he won some, or his lawyers did. If asked about them, Trump knows nothing; it is his lawyer’s’ job to handle that bad press and fake interest. –Or that fake press and bad interest. His response varies little. About those open ones, by the way there are lots of those — what to do? I’m confident that there will be cash to settle them when Trump leaves office.

Currently, the Trump brand (i.e. bank accounts) are doing really great. Mar-A-Lago and the D.C. Trump International Hotel are going gangbusters on our tax dollars alone. I see no “Bad End” for this president. He is going golden on this ride however it shakes out.

We the people have no idea what his financial standing was before he entered office because Trump has ended the requisite expectation for presidents to share their tax information, and that seems fine with the majority Republican House and Senate at this point. How will they react if a Democrat does the same? Only if Trump does badly will this be a really interesting issue. Does anyone else think we need a Revolutionary Party, separate from Democrats and even Independents to STAND UP AND MOVE FORWARD?

Note to readers: We can still consider those existing representatives who seem to be truly interested in our future, I simply suggest we apply our own instincts to determine veracity.

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