How To Ask This?

Calling all Trump supporters!!! You need to tell me things; you need to encourage me and most importantly, you need to be honest right now. How many of you were interested enough to actually read the published Hillary e-mails? How many of you were SURE that all the “good” ones were deleted, or edited? You are the people I am most interested in hearing from, but please don’t take that to mean that you are the only ones I want to hear from. I want to hear from EVERY Trump supporter. Actually, I want to hear from every interested voter right now.

If you didn’t vote, you are welcome to reconsider your reasons and respond to this plea anyway.

I am guilty of having a history of being a “liberal” supporter. Despite this, I was not a huge “Hillary” fan. She seemed okay to me. A little too above the fray, a little too connected maybe, but not exactly evil. A year ago, she seemed persecuted to me. The e-mails that I made myself read did not seem “damning.” But maybe they were doctored? Work and personal use on the same server would make anyone ask where to draw the line? Where did Hillary draw that line? What was eliminated in her communications?

Well, anyway, she lost the election. But maybe we should still look at that whole e-mail thing. Okay. Let’s run with that to ensure she gets her comeuppance. At first, as things became open to the public, how many of us read and compared the difference between what US Intelligence shared regarding Hillary’s e-mail the first time, and, what they shared of the second round in the final week of October? I know that I didn’t compare them, I was bored to tears by then.

Here is what else I know: One US Intelligence team with a joint Senate Committee, took down Richard Nixon, and another took down Bill Clinton; this seems pretty non-partisan to me. I’ve been wrong before, so help me out here. Go ahead, get the Clintons whether it serves the nation now or not, but, in the interest of what is fair, can we look at the people who are supposedly serving the nation now, and find out who they are really serving? Sorry Clinton’s, who knows how good you are? I’m hardly a good judge of society, which is why I haven’t applied for the position of judge heretofore. But anyway, what about this country we all love?

Here is what else I know: Men in black suits can magically un-erase any item we put in the “trash.” They can un-erase entire folders that we have edited and “replaced”  and they can find the original. Thank you IT people. Together, IT and men in black suits can do this on ANY computer with ANY server.

Here is what else I know: Volunteering to share a limited chain of e-mails may look like honesty . . . or transparency, but we ALL should know better, and if we’re being honest, at least in this case, we do know better. As in, “Here are my e-mails, this was the meeting, this is what we discussed, these are the people who attended . . .” except the e-mail chain didn’t tell us each and  every one of the people were who were there, and without a recording, we don’t know what was discussed. We have the word of a man who has now mislead publicly about this meeting 4 times, who is telling us honestly what was said. Even if you support him and his father, are you sure about what he says was discussed? Would you believe him if his name was Chelsea and his father was Bill? Will you really ask EVERYONE to accept this? Let’s make sure the men in black suits get to check this out, and, if you want to spend the tax dollars, let’s give them limitless rights to the Clintons, and, let’s make sure they’re as thorough with both the Clintons and the Trumps.

Will this be equality? Can we demand better candidates for the next round?



A “Pre-Disposed Opinion” is NOT Necessary

Donald Trump is not a politician. This what he ran on. There is no more reason for us to judge him as one than there is for him to refer to himself as one. It is not in his history; it is not in his education; it is not what he is.


What he IS, is President of The United States of America. Historically, Presidents have been politicians. As a nation, we’ll need to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The boundary has been crossed for better or worse. Here we find ourselves in the unique position of determining what to look for in a candidate. Moving forward, we can start a new score sheet on how this kind of president performs. But that is in the future. Another thing that Mr. Trump Is; –Well, he’s a pretty darn good salesman. Acknowledging that, it should be understood that he had an outstanding Promotional team behind him too. Don’t tell me this didn’t help. He can pick Promotional people. 

However, another thing Mr. Trump is, by all financial accounts he’s a lousy businessman. Really, look at his record. He truly would have failed before he started if he hadn’t had millions of dollars to begin with, and some sordid family connections, out of the gate. Numerous ventures of his failed despite this, and numerous of his ventures are tied up in legal suits to this day (they’ll all be on hold now that he’s president, as you can’t sue a sitting president, yet another reason he doesn’t want to be impeached just yet) and this offers up another reason he wants and is already campaigning for a second term. 

I, and tens of millions of others, insist on willingness to judge Mr. Trump on his “Presidency” without judging his “Politician Status.” Dicey. It is easy to understand why the line gets blurred, because if you RUN for president, there is a certain expectation that you understand basic politics. I personally have no such expectation of this president. I have good reason to believe I’m not alone. He isn’t a politician. Missteps are par for the course here, and are predictably taken by this president almost daily with no surprise.

What surprises me regularly (so regularly that I continuously think I really shouldn’t be as surprised as I am, but it keeps happening anyway), is Mr. Trump’s REACTION to getting called out on any errors, failings, or possible lies. You don’t have to be a career politician to KNOW that you are going to be scrutinized. As a private citizen, Mr. Trump scrutinized any politician he wanted to, made headlines with his criticisms, erroneous or not, and proudly acknowledged that it was his RIGHT to do so. Google Trump and Birth Certificate if you are possibly too young to remember. 

So, the rest of the peons now need to shut up and let Trump be. Not so fast, I say, to the all of you so-sayers.

Critics of Mr. Trump are multitudinous. But he really needs to accept that HE was the teacher. Trump needs to accept that he is not only more powerful now, he is also more visible, more of a target, and more answerable to his self-generated  greater audience. The critics did not congregate to collude and just pick the name Donald J. Trump on a “whim” to pummel him. The Donald put himself up for scrutiny by running for the ‘used to be’ highest office on the planet, and immediately lowered the prestige of that same office by attaining it. Is it possible to raise that office again? Rock-On dude. You used two Bibles to make a vow to preserve it. If only we could all ask him to act accordingly.

But why would we ask for water from a rock? Here is Trump’s staggering legacy to his own brand before he entered his current office.

Donald Trump has been involved in over 4,000 lawsuits, many of which he lost, many of which he settled out of court, and many of which are still open; see

Oh, he won some, or his lawyers did. If asked about them, Trump knows nothing; it is his lawyer’s’ job to handle that bad press and fake interest. –Or that fake press and bad interest. His response varies little. About those open ones, by the way there are lots of those — what to do? I’m confident that there will be cash to settle them when Trump leaves office.

Currently, the Trump brand (i.e. bank accounts) are doing really great. Mar-A-Lago and the D.C. Trump International Hotel are going gangbusters on our tax dollars alone. I see no “Bad End” for this president. He is going golden on this ride however it shakes out.

We the people have no idea what his financial standing was before he entered office because Trump has ended the requisite expectation for presidents to share their tax information, and that seems fine with the majority Republican House and Senate at this point. How will they react if a Democrat does the same? Only if Trump does badly will this be a really interesting issue. Does anyone else think we need a Revolutionary Party, separate from Democrats and even Independents to STAND UP AND MOVE FORWARD?

Note to readers: We can still consider those existing representatives who seem to be truly interested in our future, I simply suggest we apply our own instincts to determine veracity.

The Peoples President Trump

Love Him, Despise Him, or On-The-Fence: We the people should attempt to agree on a fair evaluation of Trump’s objectives, his strategies, and his on going performance.

  What we have here in Trump, is someone who is still a new president, and someone who is new to an entrenched, well established system. I’m fairly certain we can all agree that the system Mr. Trump now heads deserves the description of “faulty” at best, and the acknowledgement that it has been so for some time, certainly pre-dating Trump’s arrival.

  We all want solutions to multiple problems, but do we know, or can we know what actually should or could get done? For us to begin to know anything, we honestly need to acknowledge that very little can be done without some consensus.

  Let’s start with objectives.

  As tempting as it is to start with Trump’s much touted campaign objective to “Make America Great Again,” this overall objective is decidedly vague, inasmuch as, in and of itself it doesn’t indicate what he means was great before, or when specifically greatness left America. Do you readers have a definition of your own on this score?

  For now, let’s begin with all we have of Trump’s (and his supporters) apparent wish list.

  I expect it is fair to cull Trump’s objectives out of his campaign promises. For an equalizing perspective, I beg some allowances to be considered regarding “literal” meaning, versus “intended” interpretations, or else we could get mired before we begin.

  It is hard to prioritize, but let’s use this list as it basically reflects his first actions:

Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States

“Bomb ISIS.” Eliminate them and take their oil

Repeal and replace Obama Care

Cut Taxes

Cut Federal Regulations

Reduce the Federal Deficit

Bring manufacturing jobs back

Build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it

Renegotiate or withdraw from both the North American Free Trade Agreement & the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Get rid of Common Core standards

Get out of the Iran deal

Back out of NATO

Defund Planned Parenthood (to stop abortions)

Prosecute Hillary Clinton

  So which of these objectives did voters most want Trump to achieve? Were Trade Deals intended to put money into our system, or were they to bring jobs back? Will renegotiating them bring jobs back from other countries? Who else was certain that they despised the Trade Deals a year ago?

I certainly can’t speak for ALL voters, but I suggest the likelihood that MOST of the voters of either side would get behind the following objectives from the above list, if they were to put this way:

Replace Obama Care with something better.

Cut Taxes — at least for individuals *

Reduce the Federal Deficit

Renegotiate Trade Deals

Bring manufacturing jobs back

Restrict abortion and NOT use it as birth-control

Renegotiation of Trade Deals

Improving Education & Revisiting Common Core Standards

* (I’ve heard of some people on both sides who would be willing to cut corporate taxes if some of the allowances for corporations were eliminated or if most companies would be induced to bring their offices back to the U. S.)

  I find it HUGELY disappointing that any of the issues  immediately above could be portrayed with the pretense of being only on one side of our nation’s divide or the other. Isn’t it possible that BOTH sides could come to an agreement on these 8 big issues if the participants debating them were all adults.

  I mean honestly, who would say “I’d rather pay more for worse health care” or, “Please raise my personal taxes” or “Please raise the Federal deficit” or “Don’t improve our trade deals,” or “I don’t want any new jobs anywhere in this country,” or, “Don’t plan ahead, just get an abortion?” Really? Don’t any other Pro-Life people appreciate the “planning” part of having a baby? Or Pre-natal care? Everyone who is Pro-Life wants all Planned Parenthood to end because 2% of their services involve abortions? 2%? 

   In regards to other interests, how different would our Jobs Outlook be after Trump’s first 100 Days, not to mention his popularity ratings, if he had chosen different priorities from:

Temporarily Ban Muslims from United States (no limits stated)

Repeal (without improved alternative) Obama Care

Cut Federal Regulations (beginning with environmental protections?)

Withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership (skip China’s free shipping)

Bomb ISIS (not so strong on ‘take their oil,’ perhaps implied not “literal”)

Get rid of Common Core tests (no standards at all for public education)

Build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it (no chance)

Cut Taxes (especially for corporations and himself)

Get out of the Iran deal (so now we can bomb them too?)

  Why were polarizing issues the first things being pushed? Is there a grown up in the house? Are there ANY coal miners who would LIKE to build something instead of dig? Don’t we need factories for solar and wind harvesting products, and don’t we need roads and bridges to be re-built?

  Any history book will show that newly elected officials make an effort (albeit sometimes only a passing effort) to follow through on their most popular campaign promises. I believe that future History books will not be able to avoid showing that Trump indeed attempted to begin his tenancy of President with strong efforts to follow through on many promises. Were they the most helpful ones? Oddly, the one thing on the original list that got the best response at rallies, and now seems to be all but forgotten, was prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Are Trump’s most enthusiastic supports okay with this? I don’t mind, but I’m not everyone.

  I imagine that the decision not to prosecute Hillary would be due to the fact that there really isn’t any firm legal ground there, but it could be that Trump truly wanted to mend some fences with the opposition. At his inauguration Trump proclaimed that he wanted to unify the country. Does he really want to try? Or, is he really more concerned about his own interests? Look at how many of us are more concerned about the Comey issue than his promises. Look at how prominent his properties have been in the public interest.

  It doesn’t yet seem fair to argue for how strong Trump’s ongoing efforts will prove,  but it is certainly fair to acknowledge that Trump continues to place emphasis on the following promises:

Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States

Cut Federal Regulations (didn’t we want some care for our water & air?)

Bomb ISIS (once anyway)

Get rid of Common Core (he put an anti-public school person in charge of education)

Build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it

Cut Taxes (especially for corporations and himself)

  Are these the most valuable issues to readers? And, can readers help to decide how fully Mr. Trump should address the following promises:

Reduce the Federal Deficit

Bring manufacturing jobs back

Improve our infrastructure

Improve our world standing

Improve our education

  I wonder if Mr. Trump, or our other elected officials plan to continue to address these or other concerns not mentioned here. Will they get to the real concerns of the people who voted for them. Do they know what the real concerns are? In my opinion ALL of our officials are performing abysmally, because it doesn’t seem as though they’re doing a very good job of communicating with each other or their constituents. What can we tell them?

  If we the people help, beyond sincerely rooting for him, can Trump actually achieve any of his supporters most valued issues, and are we sure he knows what they are? I know I’m not sure. What do you want to see him do, and what are you willing to do that would actually HELP him (or Congress, or the Senate)?

  I invite you to speak up. Respond to this article to tell America what you still want done! Tell me, tell us all, what you would petition to have done here, and be specific.
  Regarding the Greatness of America, what would be just GREAT if we got it back in America. What do we have now that we didn’t have before? Or, perhaps, What DON’T we have now that we used to have? Take your time, it’s not a tweet. Use all the words you want.